lancaster's broadway deli

full service sandwich shoppe, deli, and catering company

Lancaster's Broadway Deli

Lancaster's Broadway Deli is a family run company and they know how important the  health of your family is on a daily basis. The owners, Greyt & Michele Thuerck, have three daughters who were recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. The family is very well versed in the strict diet plan, cross contamination, and ingredients list of every product they use and they hope to bring that service, quality, and piece of mind to their customers.  

Most restaurants you visit have a limited Gluten Free Menu - But NOT here!! The owners want you to have the  feeling of choice with a plethora of options.

  • Almost EVERY sandwich  can be made Gluten Free. Just choose from our Gluten Free bread options all locally made  by Vin-Chet Bakery in Snyder. 
  • We usually offer one (OR MORE!) homemade Gluten Free soup option everyday. Just ask any employee what the specials  are. 
  • Our homemade chili is ALWAYS Gluten Free! 
  • Our homemade sides that are Gluten Free include: Redskin Potato Salad, German Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Antipasto Salad, Chef Salad, and any of our assorted "Dirty" Chip flavors.  
  • We have designated knives, cutting boards, panini grills, fryers, and utensils to significantly decrease the chances of cross contamination. 
  • CATERING OPTIONS are also available  Gluten Free. When looking to place an order just ask the employee to help designate your options or modifications to fit your dietary needs. 

The Lancaster's Broadway Deli is here for you and wants you to leave confident in our abilities and knowledge of the Gluten Free Lifestyle! Stop in today and try all of the amazing options.